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Having years of operation in this industry, we know it is quality that makes one stand ahead of competition. At Newtech, we never compromise on quality and use best technology in our products. We sustain achievements for the people we serve, by staying close to our foundation pillars i.e innovation and quality. we import best raw materials used for manufacturing product & undertake stringent quality control measures ensuring highest level of product quality. During various production stages such as assembling & finishing every part of the product is keenly and thoroughly inspected and checked by our Quality Assurance Department. 




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Mr. Vijay N. Gujaran

Newtech Cooling Towers
 /   Newtech Engineers
2,1st Floor, Opp. Sky high Tower, Shailesh Nagar, Orlem Tank Road, Malad (W), Mumbai - 400 064, Maharashtra, India
Factory Address :
Unit No. 8-A, Tara Industrial Estate, Golani Naka, Waliw Vasai (E) - Dist. Thane

Mobile :- Mr. Vijay Gujaran  :- +91 9869050394

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